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Our 2018 Mood Board

Our 2018 goal setting meeting included taking 20 minuets to create a Mood Board. As visual people, we love to layout colors, textures and words that we plan to incorporate in personal or client designs this year. While we love digital mood boards, its fun to put something together with your hands, old school style! Interested in making a mood board? Here’s how we did ours!


White foam board or paper poster board

Magazines (mix of home decor and fashion)



Champagne (always)

It's Easy Peasy- clip the colors, textures, designs and sayings that speak to you. For us we focused a lot on the colors that we see that are trending, textures like plants (natural colors like greens are big right now so we love finding clippings of plants), and of course we search for a good fonts for some good ole font inspo! Clip, arrange, then tape down after you laid it all out. After we tape we like to go back and write little notes in a pretty pen, reminders like “this color for a coastal client!” and fun notes like that.

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