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5 Things You Need to Know About Bright + Social Co

Making your social media, branding, and website design bright + social

Ever heard of the cobbler's conundrum? Basically it's when the cobbler never has shoes for himself because he always has his hands full making and fixing other people's shoes. We've got a case of the cobbler's conundrum, but we're making an effort to break this trend and get back on track! And we must add just how lucky we are to be so busy after launching in January. So without further ado here is our first blog- A little snippet about Bright + Social to get to know us and our biz!

1. We are two sisters, Mandy and Megan, originally from the D.C. Area (rep that 703!) who both migrated towards the sea, and currently live on opposite coasts. Mandy lives on the Outer Banks, NC and Megan in Santa Clara, CA. We realize how lucky we are to live in a world where we can run a business together while living in different time zones. We are best friends and are super close with our family.

2. Loves: ocean air salty hair, sandy toes and seas-ing the day ;) Obsessed with: everything digital marketing, picking crabs, a good happy hour and aesthetically pleasing staged photos Can't live without: iPhone 7s, our rescue dogs,and fresh flowers

3. We set up our business plan to specifically serve other small businesses, from coast to coast. This is our passion and what drives us everyday, working along side the risk takers and entrepreneurs of this generation. Although we love our homes, we are excited to be a remote business working from where ever, when ever. This also means our clients can be from where ever, thanks to the internet we have the ability to work with people we've never even met before (even though it usually feels like we have!), which opens ourselves to working with people from all over. We created various packages to fit your social media and digital marketing needs, and are happy to make custom packages as well.

4. We are going to start doing monthly digital marketing blogs where we share updates, tips and happenings in the social media and digital world- hopefully things that you'll actually care about! Think: the newest instagram updates and how to use them, the best apps for editing iphone photos, etc.

5. We are always learning and growing and would love to connect! Let us know if there's any project that has been on your mind and want to chat about or something you don't want to tackle alone- this could include new marketing campaigns, photo shoots, whatever!

Also! Here's a blog post we started that we never got to share, but don't want it to go unsaid:

We launched this pretty out of the blue, and couldn't be happier that we did it. We had this gut feeling in our tummies that this is something we knew we just had to start. There are so many amazing small businesses out there who need a little assistance here and there (no one can do it all!), and we saw the need for help. After helping a few people on the side we decided to turn it into something real and see who else could use our help, ideas and services, and can lets just say- WOW! You guys are awesome. The amount of positive feedback has been overwhelming. We had client projects up and running within a week of launch, that was unbelievably amazing to us.

To our support systems- you gave us the confidence to start our little business, and put ourselves out there. thank you. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us offering a kind or encouraging word. We hope to be as encouraging and inspiring in our journey.

Want more details on what do we do? You can check out our services page here:

But in a few words, we help small and local busiensses achieve their biggest potential through social media, branding and website design. Know someone who has a great brand and is the best at what they do, but their site is the same one from the 90s? We want to give them an update to show them at their best. Have no idea what you're doing with social media (or just don't have time to keep up with it all?) - we'll handle it all for you. With all the technology at our finger tips, we don't think it should cost you an arm and a leg to make these updates. Let us help you!

Thanks for reading! xoxo,

Mandy + Megan

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